StreetBoxPHL is launching an online learning forum and building a constituency of ROW stewards. 

What are the Right Of Way Roundtables (ROW)?

Each Roundtable will be an open forum for learning about Right of Way(ROW) innovations,  opportunities, and discussing ongoing challenges. Throughout this series there will be guest speakers and community leaders who will provide greater insight and information and present real world case studies on all. All are welcome to participate and be part of the Roundtable.

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When and where will ROW Roundtables be held?

Each roundtable discussion will be held virtually & monthly via zoom and will be focused on a particular theme. 

Who can attend a ROW Roundtable?

All are welcome but primarily Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) that are currently implementing or interested in implementing ROW improvements or hosting events. Participants will be invited to share their experiences and will be provided with information to connect to different services and resources.

How can I or my organization get involved?

The best way to get involved is to join us at one of our ROW roundtables. StreetBoxPHL is always actively recruiting potential stewards from: Citizen Planning Institute graduates, current and past Pedestrian Enhancement Permit holders, Streetery Operators, RCO’s, and NAC’s, as well CDC, BID, and Special Services District Staff.


  • Oct 6: Introducing the ROW Round Table, and Philadelphia’s Right-of-Way Stewardship Landscape
  • Oct 27: Street Design – Do’s and Don’ts: Lessons from the Field
  • Nov 17: How To – Permits and Ped Enhancements
  • Dec 15: Street Design – Do’s and Do More: Inspirational Designs from Around the US
  • Jan 26: Street Design – Do’s and Do More: New Public Places in Strawberry Mansion, UC & CC
  • Feb 23: How To – Abandoned Bikes Sweeps, Street Sweeping, and Daylighting
  • Mar 29: How To – Transforming the Parking Lane: from Park(ing) Day to NYC’s Streetery Prototype Experiment
  • Apr 26: Street Design – Transforming Visions to Action: ROW Public Space Design Clinic
  • May 31: How to – Transforming Visions to Action: Finding Partners, Funding Your Projects