StreetBoxPHL’s team includes professionals with decades of experience working on public space program development, engagement in marginalized communities, and maintenance of public space.


StreetBoxPHL was founded by Ariel Ben-Amos, who helped develop the City of Philadelphia Parklet and Pedestrain Plaza programs. Ariel is an urban planner with the City of Philadelphia, and a lecturer at the University Pennsylvania. With an extensive background in both community development and inter agency collaboration, Ariel has managed projects and programs that transform the public realm, promote collaboration, and satisfy agency imperatives.

He founded StreetBoxPHL because he thinks it should be easier for all citizens to improve their neighborhoods; low-cost safety and placemaking interventions should not just be reserved for wealthy neighborhoods that already have access to established and well-funded non-profits.


Our board members are a diverse group that has built, programmed, and maintained parklets and skate parks in Philadelphia’s poorest neighborhoods, supported expansion of Philadelphia’s bicycle network, and promoted the adaptive reuse of historic theatres. It is a team with a wealth of relationships, with deep roots in the community, and the capacity to create change.

Erica Atwood
First Degree Consulting

Anthony Campisi
Ceisler Media and Advocacy

Joshua Nims
Skate Philly

Sarah Stuart
Greater Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition

Tya Winn
Habitat for Humanity


Ralston Center